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Thomas The Tank Engine / Timothy Marwood

Timothy Marwood was a British illustrator for Thomas and Friends which was previously known as ‘Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends’. A television series mainly based around railway engines that live on the Island of Sodor. The show is mainly about the character and Thomas, a cheeky little blue tank engine with six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler, and a short stumpy dome. 

The island of Sodor is the home of the North Western Railway engines of all shapes and sizes, working hard to deliver passengers and goods to their destination. There are several branch lines that run on the Island of Sodor.  These lines include farms, quarries, and castle of the Island heartland. There is also the main line which runs all the way from Knapford on the west coast of the Island, and onto Vicarstown in the east.

Timothy Marwood died peacefully on April 2008 at the age of 53, and some of his original illustrations still turn up in auctions from time to time. He was very motivated and inspired by Thomas the Tank Engine series and broadcasted over 22 television seasons. 

In 2017, a special entitled journey beyond Sodor aired in the autumn with 21 seasons also premiered. The animation is now faster with a greater emphasis on comedy and many fantastic elements included. The narrator was announced to be dropped in favour of Thomas speaking to the audience. In addition, Edward, Henry, and Toby were removed from the steam team and replaced by two characters called Nia and Rebecca.