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Brandler’s Galleries has in its possession a wide variety of works by the world-famous Banksy. Paradoxically one of the best-known artists of all time yet with an unknown identity, Banksy, inspired by iconic French stencil artist Blek Le Rat, has become a symbol of modern British culture, seen as a British social, political and artistic icon.

Often including anti-establishment, anti-war, and anti-capitalist overtones, Banksy is known as an artist, predominantly using a signature graffiti stencil style, a political activist, evident throughout Brandler’s collection, and a film director, winning multiple awards for the 2010 film ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop.’ Despite anonymity, Banksy’s controversial yet broadly popular style has captured the attention of the world throughout the past two decades, combining astute cynicism with entertaining quirks.

Banksy’s work has come in the form of two-dimensional and installation art, providing a striking and controversial political and social commentary on the modern world. Spotted on walls, bridges and streets of various cities around the globe. Most recently Banksy has glamourised New York City with his street art, demonstrating his worldwide status. Moreover the artist stencilled nine images on Bethlehem Wall on the Israeli West Bank in a political act that made global news.

Brandler’s collection of Banksy’s work varies from the world-famous ‘Time Out London’ cover, 2010, and ‘We Love You So Love Us,’ 2000, to lesser known yet equally provocative works such as ‘Happy Choppers,’ 2003, and ‘Precision Bombing,’ 2000. Brandler’s collection also includes a Dismaland print signed by Banksy and Nadia of Pussy Riot. One of the rarest Banksy prints, the piece is a reference to the dystopian theme park created by Banksy in 2015. Irrespective of the piece, the trademark style and themes of the artist are consistent throughout the Brandler’s collection, with comical wit coupled with profound observations of the modern world.


‘Seasons Greetings’ – Street Art Museum Wales 

The SAM is the first museum of it’s kind in the UK. Bringing together some amazing art by the most prolific street artists including Banksy, Pure Evil, Connor Brothers, Blek le Rat and many more… It is a unique space where street art can be celebrated and viewed in one purpose-built space. 


‘Peckham Rock’

This ex-British Museum Bansky piece owned by Brandler Galleries is currently being exhibited in Genoa for an exhibition on Banksy.