Untitled, Issue #203 (1995) – Thomas the Tank Engine [086/160]

By Timothy Marwood


Series: Thomas The Tank Engine (India Ink Black & White)

Dimensions: 27x32cm (slightly bigger than A4)

Details: I had the honour of purchasing the entire collection by Timothy when he moved house, he signed each of the 3000+ pieces of artwork and told me of the 3000 there were probably about 100 in colour and the comics were coloured by computer which was cheaper for the publishers. Since 1984 Timothy Marwood has been the sole illustrator for both of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends comics produced by Marvel & Redan publishers. (At the end of 1999 Redan purchased the contract from Marvel). The fame and popularity of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends dipped in the 1970’s but then in 1984 the BBC launched him on Television and he has never looked back. A large part of this is due to the exceptionally fine and accurate work of Timothy. His other work includes Rosie and Jim, Enid Blyton The Famous Five, Enid Blyton’s The Secret Seven and also Thunderbirds. When not painting or drawing for the comics his pleasure comes from painting marine scenes.

Featured collections: The Children’s Museum of Denver, The Children’s Museum of Houston, The Children’s Museum of Manhatten, The Omaha Children’s Museum, The Children’s Museum of Singapore, St Bride Foundation London- THE Printing Museum

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