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Gavin Turk

GAVIN TURK won the £25,000- Woolaston Prize at the Royal Academy for his wooden candle sculpture

Gavin Turk is a British artist born in 1967 who questions the conceptual foundation of contemporary art, and also a photographer and sculptor. Since the beginning of his career, he has explored the role of art in modern society and has had many philosophical inquiries. His main interest is identity and authenticity, and quite often uses his own character and reflection in his sculptures and installations. He also became a member of the Young British Artist in the 1990s. In 2015, he managed to set up an installation in Sigmund Freud Museum called Wittgenstein’s Dream.

As a child, Turk has shown amazing artistic talent and he started experiencing the world around him through colours, shapes, and creations. He studied at Chelsea School of Art and continued his education at the Royal College of Art London. Turk was later recognised in the art world and was refused a degree. After not receiving his MIA diploma, Turk started life after he met his partner now wife and began to explore and create. In his opinion, art deals with philosophical and psychological aspect. However, he chooses his medium because it gives him space and opportunity to experiment and to put himself out there.

However, ignoring the traditional uptake that art should be pretty; he is more anxious about what his work communicates. He believes that true artwork must be questioned and examined, and it must always be open for analysis. In 1993, he made his Pop installation with a wax statue of himself, posing as Sid Vicious. His idea is that art is about the artist, and that is the reason he is the subject of many of his works.  Turk shares a lot of theories about culture and philosophy and he analyses every single art. He does that in order to provide an explanation to his substance.