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James Cauty

James Cauty’s roguish and voluble approach has earned him a cult following for work that remains radical, responsive and darkly comical. He produces work that draws on and responds to contemporary culture, very often sampling it and sending/selling it back as recoded realities. In billboard and stamp projects Mickey Mouse was sent to Iraq in ‘Operation Magic Kingdom’ whilst Julie Andrews danced across vast rubbish heaps, crushed cars were sold to second hand car dealers as art and riots have been rendered as tiny models in jam jars. He rose to fame in 1989 when he formed the KLF with Bill Drummond, and following a string of number one hits they continued their collaboration with the K Foundation that orchestrated a series of high profile art ‘actions’ – describing these actions as a “brit award buried at Stonehenge, bad crop circles and a wicker man” and “a major body of cash and a box of matches”. In 1994 they burnt 1 million quid.