ARTISTS Bios and Information


Bambi is a tag name for a female British graffiti artist who is still yet unknown in the art industry, and only a few people such as her manager and the legendary Banksy knows her identity. It has often been suggested that Bambi graduated from Saint’s Martin’s College in London. Bambi’s work is mainly about feminism and popular street culture, and her artwork has often been compared to Banksy as the two are considered to be a close friend.

Bambi started to gained recognition when her masterful stenciling and spray painting began to appear in highly visible public locations. And some of her work includes the likes of Prince William, Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth II, Rihanna, Adele, James Bond and David Beckham of everyday people and celebrities.

In 2011, Bambi’s career was launched when she painted Amy Winehouse on the wall of a North London supermarket that portrayed the late singer. Her first exhibition was at the Walton Fine Arts Gallery in London in 2012, and later continued to have many more exhibitions. Bambi has been accepted as a leading artist in her field and arguably the highlight of her career began, when Kate Moss commissioned her to paint a personal portrait of her in a public location.

Bambi’s pieces of street art have found their way into prestigious collections of celebrated curators of celebrities such as Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Brad Pitt and others as mentioned above. She has also been accredited as one of the most urban street artists in the United Kingdom and around the world. One of her memorable highlights was being asked to commemorate at the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton with a slogan; A Bit Like Marmite across their chest.