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Angela Bulloch

Angela Bulloch was born in Rainy River, Ontario, Canada in 1966, and studied at the Goldsmiths’ College London in 1985. In 1988, Bulloch was included in a Freeze Exhibition and later, nominated for the Turner Prize in 1997 as part of an all-female shortlisted among the likes of Christine Borland, Cornelia Parker, and Gillian Wearing. Some of her works include multiple media such as video, installation, sculpture, and painting. In particular, Bulloch has used video, sound, and light to explore pre-edited systems. And some of her works make use of biofeedback systems for example, in her 1994 work Betaville. A machine that paints vertical and horizontal stripes on a wall, and Belisha Beacons, which is more commonly used to illuminate pedestrian crossings.

Bulloch has exhibited in some of the most popular museums for examples, Museum of Contemporary Art in 1997, Kunsthaus Glarus 2001, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive 2003, Le Consortium, Dijon 2005, Modern Art Oxford, Vienna Sessions, and The Power Plant, Toronto 2005. Furthermore, notable exhibitions such as The New Décor at Hayward Gallery London, and Tate Liverpool and Museum of Modern Art.

Additionally, Bulloch has produced a parallel output of one of her projects that examine the nature of the site, for example, Panorama Island. This was a project sponsored by the Public Art Development Trust in 1995, which Bulloch had explored and researched the river Thames in London. She then photographed and collected historical, contemporary and anecdotal materials about the location and produced an archive that gives multi-layered pictures of its past and present, which simultaneously speaks of the changing of the British culture.