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John was friendly and helpful in helping me choose a gift for my husbands birthday. Will definitely be returning as he has so much amazing art and something to suit all budgets. Definitely recommend.

Verona Halfteck

John is a most amiable individual who is easy to deal with and was very accommodating to my rather scatty ways. He has old-world charm juxtaposed against cutting edge street art and more.

Mat Curtis

What John Brandler doesn't know about art isn't worth knowing! If you are looking for art to enjoy or to invest in then this is the place to visit. Professional and friendly!

Gavin Perrett

I have visited Brandler Galleries many times over the last few years and have purchased many pieces of art either for myself or gifts for family and friends.
John Brandler knows a lot about art and gives excellent advice on buying art for investment. So as well as enjoying the art I have, it is great knowing the value as increased. Also giving art as a gift is also good as the value of the pieces I purchase as gifts have also increased.
I would recommend any one thinking of buying art to go and visit Brandler Galleries.

Lina Christodoulou

An AMAZING gallery with a really interesting and fun mix of works! It has a vibe of the coolest galleries in East London but the owner is totally approachable, friendly and exteremly knowledgeable without an ounce of pretentiousness. The selection is endless and suits all budgets, I cannot recommend enough!


Brandler Galleries is a treasure trove of exciting, fun and desirable artwork, from the highly affordable to the high end market. John Brandler is not only a pleasure to do business with, he is eminently qualified to give trusted foresight on what to invest in. Well worth a visit!

Jules Brown

Brandler Galleries is a pleasure to do business with... John has shown his expertise and service oriented mindset in a purchase I did recently. The collection he has is solid, the art piece I ordered with him was delivered quickly and in mint condition. I will certainly do business with him again in the future.

Rob Weerts, Utrecht

I must confess to art having been outside my area of expertise when I approached John. However, his range of insightful and intellectual comments helped me to see a different side to his art, and realise what value lay in the artworks he could show to me. He helped me to understand what would be best to complement my workplace aesthetic/environment.

Claudia Boer

John Brandler really knows his subject matter and it is a pleasure speaking to him about his passion. He has the all-important knack of knowing a great artist before it becomes mainstream knowledge.

Hasib Howlader

Gave us great advise as first time art buyers!

Alissa Blackledge

Brilliant! John's knowledge is first-class and the art was superb. Will be visiting again.


Go in and have a chat with the very knowledgeable and friendly John Brandler.

Sue Mills

John Brandler has a really good understanding of what makes good art - and a particular talent for identifying "stars" before they become famous. It is an education speaking to him.

Hasib Howlader

Beautiful art and great knowledge from one of London's best kept art secrets. Definitely worth following to grab a great piece of art to keep in the family or as a great investment.

Bruce Pannaman

A really nice gallery with the caring and knowledgeable personal touch of the owner John, helping you choose pictures for both pleasure and profit.

Steve Weisner

I have bought a number of pieces of Artwork from Brandler Galleries over the last 4 years. John certainly knows his art, particularly Pure Evil, Banksy, Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. Apart from selling great pieces of Art, John also gives excellent investment advice on the pieces that he sells.

Chandra Sharma

I visited Brandler Galleries in February and came across some fantastic and unexpected works. John Brandler was very generous with his time and knowledge and I will certainly be returning. Highly recommended.

Jon Dodd

A great place to view and buy unique pieces of art. Highly recommended.

Danny Nevill

I have only recently come into contact with Brandler Galleries, However its clear to me that John uses foresight rather than hindsight to predict what to buy as an investment.

Heath, London

Friendly and approachable gallery... I have visited the gallery several times, to look around and appreciate the art. I have always been made to feel welcome, even though I have not made a purchase, and have had the benefit of talking to John Brandler as he has always been in the shop when I have popped in. Last week I went in search of inspiration for a birthday gift- I had a very modest budget, of under £50, but found the perfect illustration from a book. I was treated with the same courtesy as if I had spent £1000. Do not feel you have to have huge budget to visit this gallery- if you are lucky you will find something you love and that you can afford.

Kate, Brentwood