ARTISTS Bios and Information


D’Face was born in 1978, also goes by the name of Dean Stockton. He is an English multimedia street artist who uses a spray can for painting. He grew up in London and had a childhood interest in graffiti. Since his rise to fame in 2005, D’Face has grabbed the contemporary art scene with the first opportunity. His mind is full of endless creativity and has reinvented himself constantly over the years to keep up with the art scene. As a result, D’Face has been at the forefront of urban art, and one of the main figures of the movement for over a decade.

D’Face is equally active on the streets as well as in his studio, which has made him best known for his pop-inflected body of work that critiques the modern world, in particular, consumerism and the American dream. His imagery delivers viewers a moral dilemma to embrace or reject, and laugh or deny. Grew up in a working-class London suburb, D’Face fell in love with the culture of graffiti as a rebellious teenager and as a skateboarder, which has led his interest towards stickers and motivated himself to mentally associate with skate and punk fanzines.

While attending an illustration and design course, D’Face worked part-time as a freelance illustrator and a designer. At the same time, he was gradually developing his style. Some of his early influencer’s Shepard Fairey’s, famous for Obey Giant campaign, Jim Phillip’s skate culture, hip-hop, punk rock music, and animated cartoons. D’Face uses a family of difunctional characters to ridicule and hold to a ransom. In today’s media-saturated environment, his aim is to encourage the public not just to see, but to look at what surrounds them and their lives by reflecting the fascination with culture, fame, consumerism, and materialism.