Keep Back 200 Feet FIRST EVER Stencils

By Banksy

“THIS is the FIRST EVER STENCIL of Heavy Weaponry – is one of the first three stencil peaces BANKSY ever did and his girlfriend of the time helped him with the change from pure street / graffiti to creating a stencil and this is one of the three stencils he made. We are honoured to have 2 of the first three stencils ever made by him in this show and I suspect they will all end up in a Museum of Modern Art somewhere. These three pieces changed the face of art in Europe from being paintings – either on canvas with a brush or a wall with a spray can – into the Art Market we have today with genuine unique multiples. If THESE THree pieces had not worked – that would have been an end to Banksy doing the work he is now world famous for.

Stencilled onto a T Shirt as this was the medium all these artists were designing for , see the Biography on Pure Evil – they have been framed flat , but can easily be stretched LIKE a canvas.

HE was so pleased with the stencil that he then put it ionto several buildings & even a heavy steel BBQ in someones garden .

THE IMPORTANCE Of this piece can not be over rated as the then took the theme of the bomb in the design and used it numerous times , NO one can forget his idea of having the elephant painted to match the wall paper “” The Elephant in the Room”” in LA, and of course he has since replicated the image in numerous canvases & canvas editions & prints.

But this is the FIRST.

It comes with a lawyers confirmation of the infomation”