Portrait of Hannah Lightfoot (The Fair Quakeress)

By Sir Joshua Reynolds


This is one the three portraits of King George III’s legitimate wife; one is in Knole House, the property of Lord Sackville; another is a full length portrait, whereabouts unknown, and this one was purchased at auction as “Portrait of a Lady” which in itself is unusual for Reynolds as he is well documented, as are his sitters. His sitting books are kept, copies at the Mellon Centre, London, but some years are missing. The television programme about Hannah and her son George Rex who died in South Africa but had many royal visitors from Europe in his remote outpost, tells how she was hidden away and her parents didn’t know if she was alive or dead. When the Prince of Wales married her, all official records were either stolen or locked up on the orders of the Lord Chamberlain and have only just come to light. Film screened on July 5th 1997, on Channel 4, made by New Era TV, 60 Charlotte Street London W1P 2AX. It was narrated and written by Kenneth Griffith, produced and directed by Michael Pearce. FEATURED in DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD in Sunday Express 4th Jan 2009

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