Ghosts 2



  • Michael Sandle RA. Born 1936
  • Signed Limited Edition Etchings 2005.

MICHAEL SANDLE created these powerful dark images to honour all the young men who died needlessly in the trenches.

His work has been critical of what he describes as the “heroic decadence” of capitalism and its involvement in global conflict. The Ghost Series, a profoundly moving reflection on the First World War.

Pals’ regiments were a British way of encouraging recruitment and esprit de corps by letting friends who volunteered together fight in the same units. It often led to communities being decimated for a generation. Sandle had in mind a group of friends from a district of the Yorkshire city of Leeds, who were killed to a man on the infamous first day of the battle of the Somme, 1 July 1916.

The soldiers are even more ghostly in V.

These remarkable prints have been in store for a number of years and instead of maximizing their scarcity, I want them to be seen.

Google his London Agent & see their price, look on eBay or “Original Prints” and see what his prints are selling for, but with my LOW OVERHEADS outside London and wanting these prints to be seen I am offering them at only