!!! POP-UP SHOP !!!

Wednesday 11th December – 1:00PM-5:00PM 
Lamont White, the American Street Artist is being launched at my POP UP at
1 Finsbury Avenue EC2M 2PF, 10AM – 5PM on Wednesday 11th December, I will have them in the Gallery for anyone wanting a preview.
Prices range from £225 to £975 up until the new Year when his prices go up. So don’t miss out on this opportunity! SUPERB gifts and huge potential!!


We have been fortunate to work with the organisers of 2 important shows of Banksy’s huge range of works that opened at the exhibition “THE SECOND PRINCIPLE OF THE ARTIST KNOWN AS BANKSY”.

The Banksy pieces are being shown in Genoa, Palazzo Ducale, on the 22nd November at 18.30 until March 2020

We will also be lending the Banksy pieces to another exhibition at the Chiostro del Bramante exhibition space in Rome from 29th February to July 2020

Email us to find out more about this: john@brandler-galleries.com

Brandler Galleries pieces at the exhibition include:

We also still have another Banksy piece ‘Peckham Rock’ currently showing at our gallery, if you’re interested in seeing it, please come and visit us at: 1 Coptfold Road, BRENTWOOD, CM14 4BN United Kingdom or see the images below:

The Language of Art

In 2015 the Brandler Galleries sponsored the Translation Challenge and we talked to John Brandler about his perspective on the Challenge and the role of translation in the world of Art.

Why did you decide to sponsor the Translation Challenge?

“I thought the students would find it interesting to have a more unusual piece of work to tackle.  This was outside the routine translation tasks they would have needed to do to gain their degree.

“I think that part of any business’s responsibility is to stimulate the mind and encourage the youngsters coming along.  I noticed that many of the students were not of English nationality and I thought they were clever to use their natural skills to gain a degree.”

What challenge did you set and why?

“They were asked to translate the home page on our website.  I wanted the home page, at least, in several languages, so that if people landed on the website they’d feel more comfortable, being able to read it in their own language.

“We sell art all over the world and although our primary purchasers are from America, Germany and Japan and tend to be fluent in English, there are other nationalities interested in art who are less familiar with English.

“We deal with museums and collectors all over the world – and I thought having a web page in a selection of languages would gain new interest.”

Do you think translation services are important for international business?

“In England it’s unusual to find people who are fluent in other languages.  This is not the case in Europe.  Recently I visited Maastricht in Belgium and late at night lost my way to the hotel.

“There was nobody around except a road sweeper, I resorted to showing him a piece of paper with the hotel name on. ‘Oh, yes, it’s down there, second on the left then first right …’ he said.

“I was amazed that a road sweeper not only spoke English, but spoke it fluently.  When even managers in UK companies who are responsible for international trade don’t speak any other language.

“There are people who take their English-German dictionary and try to communicate by translating word by word.  But there are words that are simply not translatable in almost every language, so the translation loses the soul of what you’re trying to say.”.

So is it important for translations to be descriptive in the art world?

“Actually, most art information is factual and precise.  Of course, there are art curators who write learned documents of many pages about a white canvas, but most buyers know what they want.

“We deal with a lot of businesses as well as private buyers and they want everything from Banksy and Damien Hirst, to Gainsborough and Constable.  Prices range from £35 to just under £1M.

“While the language for art is predominantly English, I don’t believe people should be excluded if they aren’t fluent in it.”

Brentwood Art Trail

Attend the launch of Brentwood Art Unearthed and the Brentwood Art Trail – a Brentwood Business Partnership initiative.

As part of this evening there will be a rare opportunity to learn about how to build an art collection from knowledgeable local gallery owners as well as gain first-hand insight into the street art scene (aged 16s and up).

Seven years ago John Brandler, Brandler Galleries owner, was advising clients to purchase pictures by a young artist for around £300. That individual turned out to be Banksy and John is now a specialist dealer for the enigmatic artist.

John, along with other local art dealers specialising in an extensive range of art and exhibiting internationally, will be on hand throughout the evening to give free advice and answer questions about any aspect of collecting art. You can also ask about the services they offer such as sourcing and installing art as well as how to enrol on special, professionally-run creative workshops managed by artist-led Gallery No. 3 in Ingatestone.

The evening features talented filmmaker and photographer Christopher Tew’s work and special talks, organised for Brentwood Art Unearthed, in Brentwood School’s lecture theatre. ** Speakers include David Shillinglaw, a Turner Barnes Gallery artist, recently profiled by The Independent and Huffington Post, who will share his experiences working as a studio and street artist ** and John Brandler who will guide you through the tricky business of building an art collection. Afterwards you will have access to a specially curated original artworks exhibition, that includes big names such as Banksy, Tracey Emin, Pure Evil, The Connor Brothers and Sherlock, and have the opportunity to purchase later. Light refreshments will be available.


Attend the launch event on August 31. Register here for free: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/brentwood-art-unearthed-art-talks-and-special-exhibition-tickets-46826600623

Enjoy the Brentwood Art Trail from August 31 until September 13: http://www.discoverbrentwood.co.uk/Visitor/brentwood-art-trail.aspx

Visit an artist showcase at the Baytree Shopping Centre (inside) Sept 1-2 (10-4pm).

Banksy: On Record

Saturday June 3rd – A Great selection of my favourite pieces of Art by Banksy / Damien Hirst  & others used for Records. 
banksy on record
As many of you will know, last year I was instrumental in arranging for a complete collection of privately owned  Banksy Record Cover Artwork to be exhibited at the largest Banksy show to date in Rome at the Fondazione Terzo Pilastro.
Most of the signed prints and originals on display had been shown before, yet never all the record covers together.
The Italian Bank, who were behind the foundation, usually would create a detailed catalogue of the displayed works, which should have included the records but unfortunately this has still not been produced.
In light of this, I have been compelled to put on the “Banksy: On Record” show at Brandler Galleries opening this Saturday 3rd June 2017 10am-5pm.
It will run until the end of July.
This will not only include the incredible record selection, but also several Banksy originals including “Britannia”, which has not been seen by the public since the Bristol show. Along with a few other favourites: My Dog Sighs, Damien Hirst, SHERLOCK and Yves Klein.
A Damien Hirst Spin Painting on a large box lid sold at a Phillips Sale in Hong Kong this week for £56,170 (link here); the one in the show this coming Saturday is for sale at £45,000.
With Banksy works starting at £425 and Damien Hirsts from £95, you may want to come and see this amazing artwork for yourself.
So come along Saturday and have a drink with us with some great art . 

November Art Trends

“The BIG names are tending to dominate the investors fields , Banksy , Tracey Emin , Pure Evil , Yves Klein , David Hockney – interestingly the lower end pieces are appreciating by greater percentages”

Now that the two biggest ever votes have been & gone – Brexit and USA Elections. It is clear both will have a very long-term effect in what seems quite unpredictable future. The immediate effect seems to have caused some panic across a variety of markets but we are getting enquirers from new investors who are splitting their portfolios between vintage cars, wines and art. 

The major international museum pieces are appreciating, but are seeing much smaller returns than the lower end.  Tracey Emin signed posters have gone from £50 – when issued up to 18 months ago – to selling at Sotheby’s for thousands of pounds.  That’s a multiple of at least 20 over a maximum of 18 months. The same is happening with some of the Banksy pieces. The Banksy Records are now listed by international auctioneers as “Serigraphs” that makes them a cheap version of the full-size print and in some cases is more than £100’000-  I recently saw “Girl with balloon” at £125,000!

We lent ten original Banksy’s to the big show in Rome. This came with it’s challenges including hiccups with a Roman based Bank, but despite the hurdles we are now lending six to the internationally sourced one in Amsterdam for 3 months. All of which has boosted exposure of my collection. Including the Self Portrait which he created for Time Out.

These pieces which were once affordable are fast becoming unaffordable, so in turn, the deemed “less important” pieces are becoming more collectible. The hand stamped cd’s and the record covers are now auctioned by major international auction houses as Serigraphs at up to £5500!

While we are always interested in supporting and collecting established artists… we are again on the lookout for the next rising star.

Lucie Bennett originals for sale

London-based artist Lucie Bennett explores female sexuality and identity in her work. She has exhibited in London, the USA, Hong Kong and Singapore and her work has featured on several BBC television programmes. Her pictures are on permanent exhibition at Soho’s Groucho Club and at the Virgin Group.

Lucie Bennett A1[9].jpg

I have two originals by Lucie Bennett available at the moment called Felt Tip Girl Study III and Felt Tip Girl Study IV available for £5,750 each. Please let me know if you are interested.


Collection of Peter Blake prints coming soon

I have just bought a set of 26 screen prints by Sir Peter Blake titled The Alphabet Series. Produced in 1991, the series is a set of colourful silkscreen prints, one for each letter of the alphabet.


The prints are typical examples of Blake’s work in the way they incorporate found images such as postcards and magazines. They also reflect his trademark humour and nostalgia.

Blake is probably best known for the cover design of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album in 1967 and in fact, this collection includes an image of The Beatles (shown).

peter blake beatles

I’ll be showing the entire set at an exhibition in the summer with prices from £750.00 so please let me know if you would like to come along to see them.

Contact me by email to John@Brandler-Galleries.com or call me on +44 (0) 1277 222269.


My Dog Sighs exhibition in May

My Dog Sighs is a contemporary artist who is undergoing a meteoric rise at the moment. His style combines what can be described as naive portraiture with found objects such as old food cans. That explains why he’s also commonly known Can Man. He is hugely popular internationally, in particular in Japan and Israel, as well as the UK where he has had five sell out shows.

my dog sighs

I’ve got a couple of pieces by My Dog Sighs in the gallery at the moment but will have about 15 to 20 more in May when I’ll be putting on a exhibition of his work. More details to follow but if you are interested in coming to the exhibition or in the two pieces I have already please let me know.

Contact me by email to John@Brandler-Galleries.com or call me on +44 (0) 1277 222269.

Pure Evil and the Khardashians

Pure Evil is everywhere at the moment. In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians I was told this, “I don’t watch it myself, honest” Kim Khardashian visits an art gallery. In the programme you can clearly see a couple of Pure Evil prints on the wall and the Khardashians actually bought a Pure Evil. I’m not sure this demonstrates that he has now made it but it shows how well known he is becoming.

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