November Art Trends

“The BIG names are tending to dominate the investors fields , Banksy , Tracey Emin , Pure Evil , Yves Klein , David Hockney – interestingly the lower end pieces are appreciating by greater percentages”

Now that the two biggest ever votes have been & gone – Brexit and USA Elections. It is clear both will have a very long-term effect in what seems quite unpredictable future. The immediate effect seems to have caused some panic across a variety of markets but we are getting enquirers from new investors who are splitting their portfolios between vintage cars, wines and art. 

The major international museum pieces are appreciating, but are seeing much smaller returns than the lower end.  Tracey Emin signed posters have gone from £50 – when issued up to 18 months ago – to selling at Sotheby’s for thousands of pounds.  That’s a multiple of at least 20 over a maximum of 18 months. The same is happening with some of the Banksy pieces. The Banksy Records are now listed by international auctioneers as “Serigraphs” that makes them a cheap version of the full-size print and in some cases is more than £100’000-  I recently saw “Girl with balloon” at £125,000!

We lent ten original Banksy’s to the big show in Rome. This came with it’s challenges including hiccups with a Roman based Bank, but despite the hurdles we are now lending six to the internationally sourced one in Amsterdam for 3 months. All of which has boosted exposure of my collection. Including the Self Portrait which he created for Time Out.

These pieces which were once affordable are fast becoming unaffordable, so in turn, the deemed “less important” pieces are becoming more collectible. The hand stamped cd’s and the record covers are now auctioned by major international auction houses as Serigraphs at up to £5500!

While we are always interested in supporting and collecting established artists… we are again on the lookout for the next rising star.

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