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outside the Bank of Englandoutside the Bank of England

Tug of War (outside the Bank of England)

By Slinkachu


“~~Probably the most iconic ( and FIRST ) of the group of artists who have since copied him / his style. As Seen on TV BBC 1 17th November 2016 supplied by us to Children in Need

the artists comment is

Tug of War comments on the age-old debate concerning the distribution of wealth amongst society. By having a ‘dropped’ £10 note the subject of a battle, two sides of society lock forces to attempt to gain the valued prize; a value which has a very different and, equally, relevant meaning to The Elite and to The People.

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It shows US – The People pulling against the establishment / tax gatherers outside the Bank of England .

Printed on newsprint ( like the David Hockney I’m selling that was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1987 = so Newsprint is a fully acceptable part of the art medium)

The Context shot shows the sculpture in place outside the bank.

OF Course it comes with a signed COA

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