P is for Pachyderm (Elephant)

By Peter Blake


Created in 1991 with Waddington’s in an edition of only 95 , this Alphabet Series (silkscreens) are considered by many to be his finest series of prints. They measure 102 x 78 cm (51 x 72.2 cm image size) signed & numbered by the artist , who is credited with inventing POP ART (his work for Biba in an edition of 10,000 which cost £600 each now) paved the way for his friend David Hockney to do a print run of 10,000 (A Bounce for Bradford) – published at the Royal Academy in 1987 at 18p – the last one sold at Sworders at £750!  Peter made POP ART a serious art form. 

What is cuter than a baby elephant – we had the honour to stroke a baby once in Twycross Zoo , when we were meeting a member of staff who was an artist.  This is one of the most popular from the series and I think the Ivory looks SO MUCH BETTER on them!