The Climate Change Sound Project – Seasons Greetings [CD]

By The Climate Change Sound Project


Message from the Artist:

“When I first set eyes on this wonderful Banksy mural, I felt very inspired to write a song about it. I feel it resonates on two levels, firstly,  it’s a fantastic piece of art and a sight to behold and secondly, it conveys a very powerful ecological message that underpins our existential crisis. As we can see, Banksy is highlighting dangerous levels of pollution that exist within Port Talbot itself, but also within towns and cities across the world, so it’s a very poignant statement.

Myself and John Brandler (owner of the Artwork)  thought it would be a great idea to release the song with all proceeds going to our wonderful NHS. Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to John for embracing the song, Gary Owen for his heartfelt words and Frankie Oldfield for her wonderful vocal.”


Digital download and donations here