Banksy artwork recovered

A Banksy image was recovered from a container by a local Dungeness fisherman amid concern that the landowners of where the container was located on would destroy it during the process of cleaning up the beach.

With the help of the Banksy specialist and collector John Brandler, whom the local fisherman sold the banksy piece to, he managed to remove the piece of artwork which is 8ft long and 4ft wide using specialist equipment.

The piece, which featured a bird with a petrol nozzle as a head, was made in 2004 and can be interpreted as a statement on world pollution by oil companies. It is also said to be a sequel to an earlier Banksy piece which had a similar bird perched on top of a tree – which was stolen 12 days after it was made.

The Banksy piece is currently being exhibited at the Brandler Galleries in Brentwood, Essex.

Full Guardian article here

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