The language of art

In 2015 the Brandler Galleries sponsored the Translation Challenge and we talked to John Brandler about his perspective on the Challenge and the role of translation in the world of Art. Why did you decide to sponsor the Translation Challenge? “I thought the students would find it interesting to have a more unusual piece of work to […]

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Brentwood Art Trail

Attend the launch of Brentwood Art Unearthed and the Brentwood Art Trail – a Brentwood Business Partnership initiative. As part of this evening there will be a rare opportunity to learn about how to build an art collection from knowledgeable local gallery owners as well as gain first-hand insight into the street art scene (aged […]

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Banksy artwork recovered

A Banksy image was recovered from a container by a local Dungeness fisherman amid concern that the landowners of where the container was located on would destroy it during the process of cleaning up the beach. With the help of the Banksy specialist and collector John Brandler, whom the local fisherman sold the banksy piece […]

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John Brandler discusses long-lost Banksy

Gallery director and Banksy art collector John Brandler discusses long-lost Banksy artwork ‘Snorting Copper’. Talking to the Guardian, John Brandler addresses the works vandalism and current restoration, as well as his Banksy works currently exhibiting in his gallery and admiration for the artist. Read the full article

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banksy on record
Banksy: On Record

Saturday June 3rd – A Great selection of my favourite pieces of Art by Banksy / Damien Hirst  & others used for Records.      As many of you will know, last year I was instrumental in arranging for a complete collection of privately owned  Banksy Record Cover Artwork to be exhibited at the largest […]

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John Brandler discusses Bansky art mural in BBC interview

Gallery director and Banksy art collector John Brandler discusses the recent art mural found on the wall of a Bristol primary school. Gallery director and Banksy art collector John Brandler discusses the recent art mural found on the wall of a Bristol primary school.  Talking to the BBC, John Brandler addresses the moral complications of […]

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November Art Trends

“The BIG names are tending to dominate the investors fields , Banksy , Tracey Emin , Pure Evil , Yves Klein , David Hockney – interestingly the lower end pieces are appreciating by greater percentages” Now that the two biggest ever votes have been & gone – Brexit and USA Elections. It is clear both […]

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Lucie Bennett originals for sale

London-based artist Lucie Bennett explores female sexuality and identity in her work. She has exhibited in London, the USA, Hong Kong and Singapore and her work has featured on several BBC television programmes. Her pictures are on permanent exhibition at Soho’s Groucho Club and at the Virgin Group. I have two originals by Lucie Bennett […]

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Collection of Peter Blake prints coming soon

I have just bought a set of 26 screen prints by Sir Peter Blake titled The Alphabet Series. Produced in 1991, the series is a set of colourful silkscreen prints, one for each letter of the alphabet. The prints are typical examples of Blake’s work in the way they incorporate found images such as postcards […]

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My Dog Sighs exhibition in May

My Dog Sighs is a contemporary artist who is undergoing a meteoric rise at the moment. His style combines what can be described as naive portraiture with found objects such as old food cans. That explains why he’s also commonly known Can Man. He is hugely popular internationally, in particular in Japan and Israel, as […]

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A Load Of Fuss About F**k All

I was quietly minding my own business in the gallery a few days ago when I had a knock on the door from the police. It turns out a local woman had complained about the Connor Brothers Much Ado About Nothing parody that has been in my window for a month. The picture, called A […]

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Pure Evil and the Khardashians

Pure Evil is everywhere at the moment. In a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians I was told this, “I don’t watch it myself, honest” Kim Khardashian visits an art gallery. In the programme you can clearly see a couple of Pure Evil prints on the wall and the Khardashians actually bought a […]

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