ARTISTS Bios and Information

Steve Bridger

Born 1968. We have been showing his works for some time. An artist who has stayed all his professional life in Southern England, when he was young he was torn between being an engineer and an artist. After being sponsored by Marconi at university and working for them for three years he realised that one did not preclude the other. [b]He takes the precise nature of technical drawing to his art and produces the most intricate miniatures[/b]. He does not consider doing a small picture an excuse to be any less exceptionally precise than an engineering project. A true professional, he can create his pictures in oil paint but also does drawings, or paints in watercolour, acrylic or pastels bringing the same quality of work but choosing the medium depending on the result he wants to create. A number of his pieces have been shown at the Medici Gallery, London while others have been made into cards, posters prints and even wallpaper!