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Beatrix Potter

The Beatrix Potter Stories are much loved by children of all ages. This set of six works were painted by Trish Lengyell for an American edition in about 1990. They are all 10×16″ in size and sell at £700 each.

Beatrix Potter was born on July 28, 1866, and spent a solitary childhood with long holidays in the countryside. She loves sketching animals and eventually started writing stories about them. In 1902, Potter published The Tale of Peter Rabbit, which launched her career as a children’s author. She also wrote more than 20 other books for young audiences that soon followed after her breakthrough. Some of her children’s classics were Potter’s Tales of Peter RabbitJemima Puddle-Duck, and Benjamin Bunny

She died in 1943 and was one of the most beloved children’s authors of all time. She was the daughter of Rupert and Helen Potter, both of whom had artistic interest in her ability. Her father trained as a lawyer but never actually practiced the law farm instead, he devoted himself to photography and art. Her mother Helen was killed at embroidery and watercolour.

Potter got to know several influential artists and writers through her parents, including painter John Everett Millais. Along with her younger brother Bertram, they both developed an interest in nature and animals at an early stage. The pair often roamed around the countryside during family vacations to Scotland and England’s Lake District. Potter also demonstrated a talent for sketching animals as a child as one of her favourite subjects, and then went onto study at the National Art Training school in the late 1870s.

Beatrix Potter first tasted success as an illustrator for The Tale of Peter Rabbit to be used for best-selling greeting cards which soon became a hit for young readers. However, she suffered a great loss in 1905 when Norman Warne died. He passed away just weeks after he proposed to her. Shortly afterward in 1913, Potter married local lawyer William Heelis and then produced a few more books after tying the knot.