About John Brandler and the Gallery

about brandler galleries

The gallery is a small but extensively stocked friendly place to visit and enjoy seeing art. We are easy to find, accessible by both train and car and we have our own car park. So our customers can relax with a cup of tea or coffee and chat about art.

In 2010 we celebrated 28 years of business!

At Brandler Galleries we specialises in three fields of art:

  • Modern British
  • Illustrations for Children’s Publications
  • English Old Masters

The People
Every successful business is built around the people involved… Meet the people that make Brandler Galleries special!

John Brandler
First, meet the man behind the name – John Brandler. John is the owner, founder and leading force behind this small, friendly business. He comes from a dealing background – his grandfather was an auctioneer. So it was no surprise that he started dealing in antique furniture whilst he was still at school.

Later, he purchased his first Carel Weight painting at a house sale. It was through Carel that he met other Royal Academicians, fell in love with the art world and has dealt in art ever since. Whilst in the early days he dealt from the back of a van, he has owned the Gallery for the last 24 years.

For enquiries please call +44 (0) 1277 222269 or email john directly at john@brandler-galleries.com